Nick M Lloyd was born on the island of Guernsey in 1972, where he went to school locally before studying physics for his degree in the mid-1990s at Bristol University.


After graduation, Nick decided against a career in research/academia and instead became a software engineer.

However, his passion for science, coupled with a love of storytelling, has matured in the last ten years into a career as a full-time science fiction novelist focusing on ‘hard science’, ‘conspiracy’ and ‘alien first contact’.

In particular, Nick likes to write stories with grey moral areas that ‘almost could be true’ if the world was just a little different from reality. All his novels (so far) have been written in a contemporary Earth setting.


Nick draws influence from a wide range of authors, and specifically has great respect for Neal Stephenson (Anathem, The Baroque Cycle, Cryptonomicon), Iain M Banks, John Gribbin (non-fiction), Dan Simmons, and JRR Tolkien, specifically his genius for world building). Nick lives in London.